Follow You, animated music video

This music video was produced for the British band “Selma & The Sound”. The band’s only request was to be portrayed as animal characters, giving us creative freedom. I transformed the band members into animals, with the exception of the lead singer Selma, who appears as a human. The lyrics of the song describe the band’s journey around the world, including destinations such as Mexico, Miami Beach, Tokyo, and Sarajevo (Selma’s hometown), all of which are showcased in the video. The song is titled “Follow You”, and naturally, the band’s fans also follow them on social media. Therefore, throughout the video, hidden within the textures of clouds and trees, you can see photos and status updates that the band has posted on social platforms.

Just like the band, our video traveled the world and was showcased at several international animation film festivals, some of which we had the opportunity to attend. The music video also received two awards: the User’s Choice Award 2013 at Filmskillet California and the Best Animated Music Video 2014 at the Australian Independent Music Awards.


FILMSKILLET International Contest 2013, California, USA – User’s Choice Award
KLIK Amsterdam 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands
THE GOLDEN ORCHID International Animation Festival 2014, Pennsylvania, USA
SOMMETS DU CINÉMA D’ANIMATION 2014, Montréal and Quebec City, Canada
ANIMATEKA International Animated Film Festival 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia
SUPERTOON 2014, Šibenik, Croatia
GOLDEN KUKER International Animation Film Festival 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria
ANIFEST ROZAFA 2014 Shkodra, Albania


User’s Choice Award 2013, Filmskillet California

Best Animated Music Video 2014, Australian Independent Music Awards


Concept: Katharina Petsche, Isabel Zalami
Design & Compositing: Katharina Petsche
Character Animation: Andrea Schwarz, Katharina Petsche
Design assistance: Nils Jürgens, Lisa Kehrer
Client: Selma and the sound

Illustration des animierten Musikvideos Follow You -Band in SarajevoIllustration des animierten Musikvideos "Follow You" Sängerin in TokioIllustration des animierten Musikvideos "Follow You" Band in Mexiko

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