Counterfeit Medicines
Animated Video

This animation video is part of the awareness campaign “Fakes don’t care – but we do” by the Austrian Pharmacists Association, which aims to educate about the dangers of counterfeit medicines purchased online. The goal was to create a video that raises awareness on the topic in a humorous way. I was responsible for both the concept and the execution of the video. The collaboration for this video was with asoluto – public + interactive relations.

Concept, Illustration, Animation: Katharina Petsche

Voiceover: Barbara Hrach

Sound Design: Christoph Pichler

Titelbild des Animationsvideos Fakes don't careIllustration aus dem Animationsvideo Fakes don't careIllustration4 aus dem Animationsvideo Fakes don't care Mann verliert seine HautIllustration3 aus dem Animationsvideo Frau lacht einen Mann aus der zu viele Tabletten intus hatIllustration2 aus dem Animationsvideo Fakes don't care Frau hat zu viele Tabletten geschluckt

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