Distraction while driving – awareness video – explainer video

Distraction is the number one cause of accidents on the roads in Austria. A third of all car accidents can be attributed to this. But most of us underestimate the danger of making phone calls or writing text messages while riding a bike or driving a car.

In order to raise awareness about this topic, the Austrian Road Safety Board (KFV) asked me to produce a short animated awareness video. At the same time, the video should also present the most important results of a study by the KFV. And so this very special video was created, a mixture between an awareness video and an explainer video. In order to attract attention, I developed an emotional story that forms the basis for the informational part of the video. The core message is conveyed in a very short time and in a memorable way: “Be more careful in traffic and reach your destination safely – without a smartphonel!”

Illustration aus dem Awareness Video Verkehrssicherhiet Radfahrer mit BlumenBild aus Awareness Video Kuratorium Verkehrssicherheit zeigt Ablenkung am Steuer durch HandyInfografik Statistik Anzahl Verkehrstote aus dem Erklärvideo Kuratorium VerkehrssicherheitInfografik Statistik Verkehrsunfällte aus dem Erklärvideo Kuratorium VerkehrssicherheitIllustration aus Erklärvideo Kuratorium Verkehrssicherheit Unfall

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