Sustainable Travel in Eastern Tyrol
Explainer video

Eastern Tyrol is a popular holiday region with stunning places that invite exploration. And the best part is: You don’t need your own car when vacationing in Eastern Tyrol. The region offers a wide range of options to explore the most beautiful places without the need for a personal vehicle.

With public transportation such as buses and trains, you can conveniently and environmentally friendly travel from one location to another. Carsharing provides the flexibility to get around while reducing environmental impact. For those who prefer an active approach to exploring the surroundings, bicycles are available to experience nature up close. And of course, it is also possible to discover the picturesque landscapes on foot and enjoy the beauty of the region.

The explainer video showcases the various sustainable mobility options in Eastern Tyrol and provides useful tips on the region’s most beautiful attractions.

Bild aus Erklärvideo Osttirol landkarteBild aus Erklärvideo Osttirol klettern dolomitenBild aus Erklärvideo Osttirol wanderung in den bergenBild aus Erklärvideo Osttirol nachhaltig reisen wandernBild von Radfahrerin aus dem Osttirol Erklärvideo nachhaltig reisen

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