RNA Technology – Transbiotics
Scientific Explainer Video

The goal of the ‘Transbiotics’ technology is to eliminate pathogens in the field of agriculture, aquaculture, and healthcare without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or antibiotics. This is achieved by utilizing bacteria that naturally occur in the host organism, such as a mosquito, an animal, or a plant. Double-stranded RNA is introduced into these bacteria, which recognizes the target gene of the pathogen within the host and silences it.

This animation was created in collaboration with AldenMc Marketing for the Pebble Labs group of companies. My task was to develop a suitable visual concept for the voiceover script and implement the graphics and animations accordingly.

Illustration aus dem Erklaervideo Transbiotics Welt ohne PestizideIllustration2 aus dem Erklaervideo Transbiotics blaues Bakterium mit RNAInfografik aus dem Erklaervideo Transbiotics zeigt Funktionen einer RNA

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