Pharmgenetix – Pharmacogenetic Analysis
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Medications can have different effects on each individual. This is due to the unique genes of each person, as they influence the individual effectiveness of medications. Through a pharmacogenetic analysis at Pharmgenetix, one can determine whether their medications are compatible, if the dosage is suitable for them, or if it would be better to switch to other medications.

The goal of this explainer video was to concisely illustrate the process of a pharmacogenetic analysis and highlight its benefits in just a few minutes.

Vorschaubild Pharma Erklärvideo für Pharmgenetix Thema Pharmakogenetische AnalyseTitelbild2 für das Pharma Erklärvideo von Pharmgenetix Pharmakogenetische AnalyseTitelbild für das Pharma Erklärvideo von Pharmgenetix Pharmakogenetische AnalyseIllustration aus dem Pharma Erklärvideo für PharmgenetixVorschaubild Erklärvideo Pharmgenetix richtige Medikamente

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