Hemophilia – Explainer Video Series, Factor Replacement Therapy

Hemophilia is a disease in which blood clotting is impaired. A type of glue that holds blood platelets together in the event of external and internal injuries and helps close wounds is missing. Fortunately, there are various ways to replace the missing blood clotting factor – so-called factor replacement therapy, antibody therapy and gene therapy.

This series of 3 animated videos explains the process of the individual therapy methods in a colorful and friendly way.

The videos were produced in cooperation with Jellybean Productions on behalf of BMMC for the pharmaceutical company Shire. I was responsible for storyboarding, illustration and animation.

Concept & Sound: Christian Stöckl
Text: Christoph Angerer
Illustration & Animation: Katharina Petsche
Production: JELLY BEAN Media
Client: Takeda / Shire
On behalf of BMMC

Bild aus Erklärvideo Hämophilie zeigt Blutung aus BlutgefässBild aus Erklärvideo Hämophilie zeigt Jungen der Blutung hatBild aus Erklärvideo Hämophilie zeigt Erlebnisse eines Hämophiliepatienten auf FotosTitelbild aus dem Erklärvideo Hämophilie zeigt Kinder beim RadfahrenBild aus Erklärvideo Hämophilie zeigt Injektion eines Medikamentes

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