Creating and Managing Digital Twins
Fraunhofer Society

To monitor and optimize machines, their components, or even entire production systems, digital twins are increasingly being used in the industry. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real, physical object or system that can be simulated, controlled, and optimized. However, for digital twins to be more widely adopted and utilized, it is necessary to make the data and services consistently understandable and integratable, which often poses a challenge.

For this reason, the Fraunhofer Society has developed FA³ST (Fraunhofer Advanced AAS Tools for Digital Twins). With the help of open-source software, digital twins can be created and managed. The goal of this explainer video was to present the complex technical topic in the simplest way possible within a short period of time.

Illustration aus dem Erklärvideo der Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zum Thema Digitale ZwillingeBild aus Erklärvideo Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Digitale Zwillinge

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