NEBA Business Services, Inclusion in the Workplace – Explainer Video

Did you know that most disabilities are invisible and acquired over the course of life, for example as chronic illnesses? This means it can affect anyone. In an inclusive workplace, the needs of every individual are taken into account..

If you’re looking to promote inclusion in your company and hire people with disabilities, you likely have many questions. NEBA Business Service is the first point of contact in Austria for free consultation and services regarding work and disability, new hires, training opportunities, and existing employment relationships.

The Business Service assists companies in creating suitable conditions for an inclusive work environment and finding suitable employees.

This explainer video briefly summarizes the biggest challenges in this context, as well as the most important services and advantages of NEBA. HR managers are made aware of the topic and encouraged to take advantage of NEBA’s services.

What is particularly remarkable about this video production is that the video was translated into Austrian sign language after completion. This ensures that people with hearing impairments can understand the video and helps promote accessibility and inclusion.


Client: NEBA Business Service

Concept, Design, Animation: Katharina Petsche

Voice Over: Philipp Bernhard

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