The world without Berndorf Band Group, animated corporate video

The Berndorf Band Group is a global leader in the production of steel belts and steel belt systems. Many products of our daily lives like croissants, coffee beans or tooth paste are produced with steel belts.

The goal of this project was to communicate the importance of steel belts through a short and humorous animated video. The client wanted to show the video on their website and as part of presentations. I was responsible for editing the concept, the production of the storyboard, development of the visual style as well as illustration, animation and sound design.
The video shows one day without Berndorf Band Group. The company disappears and therefore all objects that have been produced with steel belts vanish too. We tried to find examples for situations of our daily life that everyone can identify with (like having to get up without coffee). The main character reacts to all the problems with lots of emotions.